Skylar Morgan Furniture + Design Office

Happy Wednesday, all!

These past couple of weeks we’ve been pulling together inspiration for our new office. We’re really trying to spruce up the place by painting, building new desks, and organizing our sample wall. Our inspiration comes from modern design and clean lines  that give a creative vibe that we feel will be great to work in. We’re also trying to design a few special items for the office that we hope to reveal to you later on after the completion! Here’s what we’ve gathered so far for our inspiration…




We hope to bring a little innovation to our office with a large chalkboard paint inspiration wall! Being able to pin up our drawings and make revisions and comments next to them will hopefully get our creative juices flowing! And who doesn’t love a great statement wall?!




Clipboards are a great way to organize client’s orders and drawings. I also love the white color palette with a pop of green (one of our branded colors we’re trying to work into the office!)




A built-in is a great way to get a lot of storage out of a small space, like these built-in bookcases. And a basket for blueprints is just what we need to store drawings from past clients. And the white looks so crisp with the dark wood floors!




A place to store current drawings is something we’re in dire need of, a mix of flat file storage and vertical storage is a great solution for our office! Also displaying art in gallery frames can look clean and uniform in a space with a lot of texture.



Keeping things clean in a dusty office is a MUST, so we hope to design a coat rack similar to this one by BluDot to keep everything up and off the ground.

We hope to install a tangible and easy-to-use system for all of our samples so that all the clients can see just what we have to offer here at Skylar Morgan Furniture + Design. We just designed some great steel shelving for this sample wall and we hope to have it available to our customers in the future as well!




Above is a little taste of the color palette we’ve been dreaming of. Soon our mismatched brick wall will become uniform with a coat of light gray paint, along with our statement chalkboard paint wall. We’re hoping to create our built-in and new desk out of solid walnut. We’ll throw in touches of our branded colors, like turquoise and other shades of blue/green, on the steel legs of our new desks, and possible a little hot pink on our coat rack! We hope to complete the room with new carpet tiles from FLOR in the Milliner pattern for an extra pop of color.Below is a quick video that allows you to see our plans for our new space. In the next post we hope to put up before/after photos so you can really see the difference that a couple new pieces and a coat of paint can make.  Please feel free to make comments and suggestions for the new space, we love feedback!

Hope you enjoy and check back soon for more updates!