Simple Kitchens

These past few weeks we’ve been pulling kitchen design inspiration for a few of our clients. During this process we’ve found a few interesting materials to incorporate into our modern kitchen designs. Materials like concrete, marble, and rustic wood beams really work together to add warmth to an otherwise more industrial space. In addition to these materials, non-traditional shelving solutions can also create a unique environment for the modern chef. See below for a collection of our inspiration we used as a jumping off point!






These two kitchens happen to be my favorite that I ran across while searching for new cabinetry designs.  The kitchen on the left gives a modern feel in that it relates back to it’s rustic roots and traditional cooking techniques. It looks like it would be an older kitchen because of the construction and materials, but it has modern appliances that give it an interesting twist! I also love the concrete countertops/cabinets as well as the glass floor that connects the space to the one below.

In addition, the kitchen on the right uses a marble countertop/backsplash as a bracket to hold the upper cabinets, which I find very clever! I also love the chevron floor and 2-tone cabinetry, which really draw your eye to every area of the kitchen.





We’ve found that more modern kitchens are steering away from closed upper cabinets and moving towards an open shelving approach for displaying dishes and pots/pans. We really love this approach and feel it opens endless possibilities for display and arrangement that bring a new and interesting element to the kitchen.

What’s your favorite kitchen? Do you have any other suggestions or seen anything lately that you find noteworthy? Comment and let us know below!