The Mod Tot

Designing a child’s room can be seriously challenging, especially when you’re trying to marry a modern aesthetic with the toys and furniture that kids love. So we searched the globe (well, mostly just the web, but that counts) to see what the best options are for those tots’ rooms with the modern edge we crave. See the inspirational images below for nurseries, playrooms and children’s rooms. Here’s a hint, too: Keeping the rooms primarily white with pops of color in the furniture and toys really helps to offer both clean lines and personality. Unique furniture, like custom-made bunk beds, also injects the functionality that children love (like climbing to the top bunk), while still keeping the style that you crave!



















Chalkboard paint has also become very popular this year in both nurseries and playrooms. It’s a great addition to any wall because it adds bold color while remaining neutral. It also allows you to create your own artwork and change it out with a simple wipe. Try using a chalk marker if you prefer clean lines, no smearing, and easy cleanup.  Add touches of white to really make everything pop!

What’s your favorite element from the modern tot’s room?  Let us know in the comments below!