Skylar Morgan Furniture + Design is modern furniture design studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. We make handmade, clean-lined furnishings, millwork and architectural woodwork for homes and commercial spaces all over the American southeast and the world.

What are we about? Well, for us, modern is furnishings that are clean-lined and simple, but playful and warm; places to sit and surfaces to gather around that are friendly and hard-working, and that you want to come back to over and over. In our work, we do things like use raw and reclaimed woods, then celebrate their naturalness, origins and imperfections. We speak loudly and often about how American modern is something special—handcrafted, honest, old and new at the same time. We love that our work becomes a part of people’s everyday lives. In our studio, we listen to lots of good rock n’ roll and feel lucky to work with such talented friends. And our philosophy? Furnishings are most beautiful when used and lived with and well-loved.