Styled: The Heron Stool

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The second edition of the Styled series features the newest addition to our seating collection, the Heron Stool.  The dramatic base of the Heron Stool drew inspiration from a vintage drafting stool and was then refined to a more delicate form with decadent brass touches to emphasize the round footrest.   The delicate and simple nature of the Heron Stool reminded us of some of our favorite Scandinavian designers, thus inspiring us to create a Danish Dining Space centered around this piece.  We chose to pair this bar-height stool with the classic Hot Mesh Bar Table from BluDot since they both have such a similar splayed base (bonus – this table is both indoor + outdoor friendly!)  Geometric elements are always a staple in Danish design so we choose the quirky encaustic cement tile “Casa” from Marrakesh Design.  Leave it to Skrivo to take something as simple as a squeezed and deformed pipe as inspiration and turn it into something magnificent with the beautiful “Dent” pendents manufactured by Miniforms.  The Davies Mirror by Egg Collective features genuine gold leaf on a maple frame and can be purchased as a single piece or complete the triptych with all three!  The Geo Vacuum Jug by Normann Copenhagen showcases a minimalistic design featuring masculine, sharp edges fused with bright and lively color combinations.  The blue + turquoise is an eccentric combo is purely fashion-inspired, making it an unexpected impression of a thermos.  Known for it’s grand scale and understated yet eye-catching presence, the hand-spun Round Brass Tray from Schoolhouse Electric is a simply perfect addition to any Danish dining experience.  Last but not least, our Danish Dining Space could not be complete without a way to display all of your unique serving pieces!  The beautiful yet understated Menu Stick System allows you to put your boldest accessories on display without competition, and because it’s modular it can grow with your collection.