Trending: Mid-Century Inspired Cane Webbing

Lately it seems as though everyone’s been on the hunt for the perfect vintage Mid-Century Modern piece of furniture to add to their home collection.  Well, this fall season is no different, but there’s also a little twist – not everything Mid-Century is vintage!  This Autumn a few well-known furniture designers have become inspired by this trend and have begun incorporating a few of these elements into their current designs.  One of our favorite craftsman techniques commonly found in Mid-Century Modern furniture is the craft of chair seat weaving, with chair caning in particular.  Cane webbing comes from the trunk, also know as the “reed”, of the rattan palm.  Because the rattan is a single-stem climbing jungle vine the stalks are uniform and usually range between .5” – 1.5” in diameter while remaining extremely flexible, hence their use in many woven chair seats and other areas where a flexible “mesh” is desired.  There are various techniques and designs for caning, so we thought we’d give you a glimpse of a few new furniture concepts in production as well as some vintage gems! Can you spot the old vs the new? Give a guess in the comments below, and don’t forget to click through the links to find out the answers!

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